Kalpitiya dolphin watching tour

Kalpitiya Dolphin watching

Kalpitiya, that affords the opportunity to view large pods of Dolphins, often numbers running to hundreds, is becoming a celebrated location in Sri Lanka of the lovers of Spinner Dolphins.
Its presence of Sperm Whales and an occasional Blue Whale alone is a world class attraction of marine life. Whales are regularly visit around the Kalpitiya Peninsula.

Interestingly it was only from around February 2010 that Kalpitiya was finally considered as a destination to catch sight of the majestic whale. Boat trips are regularly taken from the Kalpitiya Peninsula to an off-shore site away from the reef to catch sight of Sperm whales, who is also the largest toothed whale in the world. The Sperm Whale, in the hunt of Giant Squid, dives several hundred meters into the ocean. Kalpitiya Peninsula with its continental shelf provides an ideal habitat to the Sperm Whale.

The season to view Sperm Whale at Kalpitiya. The season to view the Sperm Whale at Kalpitiya Peninsula is between December and mid-April. The sight of the magnificent Blue whale too could be possible occasionally. The season for the beaches at Kalpitiya where you can enjoy the most memorable beach holiday is from October to May.

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