16 days 15 nights Happy holiday in Sri Lanka – Veit Weber & Family

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16 days 15 nights Happy holiday in Sri Lanka – Veit Weber & Family
Travel dates : 14.03.2018 to 29.03.2018
Courtney : Germany
This is a very very special tour you can read all the comments from Mr.Veit Weber
Shiran organized us a dreamful journey after our imagination. At the beginning we had an active contact till we finished the organisation of our trip. The difficulty for our trip was to integrate our two kids (3 and 5 years) into the trip that it would not be to heavy or boring for them. And I just can tell you: Everything was totally perfect!
The tempo was adapted to the speed of the kids and we mixed animal with cultural adventures. Because of this everyone enjoys the trip and get what he wants to have without any problems. So we get to know this wonderful and every time smiling country in a detail way, although we travel with our kids.
The hotel choice of Shiran (middle class hotels) was amazing. Nearly every hotel was totally different than the hotel before, but every hotel on its own was unique and absolutely beautiful.
If you sleep into the jungle, if you eat in the evening on a huge balcony between two mountains with live music, if you enjoy your breakfast in front of a mountain with waterfall, if you stay overnight in the highest hotel of Sri Lanka in colonial style, if you watch from a most beautiful and amazing mud and wooden hut on the rural farm elephants, water buffalos, peacocks and so many different birds or to stay in hotels just 50m far away from the Indian Ocean. Every single hotel was just amazing, but the single tours are the real highlights. 
If it is a picnic in the lagoon, the elephant orphanage (tip: just stay after the elephants are going back after the bath in the river – after 15min round about 10 pregnant elephants will come to take a bath, but all the tourists are gone), the different kind of temples, Kandy city, the tea plantations, the unbelievable and unforgettable train ride, the rural farm, the dolphin and whale watching or just the beautiful and dreamful beaches.
For us, the people are most impressive. Everyone – and we really mean everyone, where lovely, helpful and every time smiling. Life is on the street – so just stop at a fruit shop, try the delicious fruits and the Roti and enjoy the life of Sri Lanka.
It is the perfect country to travel with small children, because all the people love small kids. They are getting hugged and sometimes they asked in a nice way to take a picture or they help, when one of our kids fall down.
Overall you can say: A perfect tour, perfectly organized. 
We came as tourists and leave as friends.
A never-ending thank you to Shiran and his lovely family and of course to our driver, guide, babysitter, bodyguard and many more Kalana (alias Mr. Spicy) 
We will never forget this tour.

Emma, Emil, Evi, Veit