Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Travel Tips For First Time Visitors

Sri Lanka Travel Tips are very impotent for first time travelers . Before you visit Sri Lanka, Please read Sri Lanka Travel Partner Advise.

While Sri Lanka is arguably the easiest place in which to travel in all of South Asia. A little advance knowledge and planning will go a long way towards making your trip more fulfilling hassle free and fun.
For the most part you’ll find that larger towns and even smaller towns with a highly developed tourism infrastructure  cater to all travel budgets.

Climatically speaking, the driest (and best) seasons in Sri Lanka are from December to March for the west south and Hill Country . The East coast and the North  from April to September.
December through March are also the months when most foreign tourists visit, the majority of them escaping the European winter. During the Christmas to New Year holiday season, in particular, accommodation anywhere on the island can be high.

July/August is the time of the Kandy Esala Perahera, the 10-day festival honouring the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha, and also the time for the Kataragama festival in the South. In both towns accommodation just before, during and immediately after the festivals is very difficult to come by, and rates usually double or treble. Be sure to book rooms well in advance.

Sri Lanka’s climate means that it is always the ‘right’ beach season somewhere on the coast. The weather doesn’t follow strict rules.  It often seems to be raining where it should be sunny, and sunny where it should be raining. Rainfall tends to be emphatic – streets can become flooded in what seems like only minutes.
Nor does it rain all the time during the low season.